filmed by deborah rhyner, céline arnould, benjamin amiel edited by anouk schaedler

To present Growing Garments live-in-action, I organised an event with a kind of live performance. The audience could see and experience the live wearables. The ideal place was one of the greenhouses in the Stadtgärtnerei Zürich. On a guided tour, the clothes, which were already ready at different places, were put on by the models. I explained the idea and technique of each piece. At the beginning there was a welcome by a representative of Grün Stadt Zürich and a short introductory speech by me about my project. There were photographers who took pictures and the whole event and the different encounters were filmed. Three models and three photographers helped me out and about 20 guests came to the event. I was responsible for the whole organisational and logistical coordination of the event and for the previous advertising. The event lasted about one hour and ended with a small green buffet.


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