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textile ⎜ sandal prototypes ⎜ 2018

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HY8A8043a copy.jpg

On social media, I can observe that the trends of using natural materials and traditional weaving methods in the production of clothing and accessories has become quite popular. Bags, jewelry and shoes often include different interlacing techniques, patterns and texture. In this project, I wanted to experiment and explore these techniques further for the purpose of shoe design and production. Natural Sliders became the working title of my interlacing craft. Sliders are a specific form of sandals that you can easily slip on and off your feet. They usually have one or two horizontal straps to hold the foot in place. The interlacing technique, I used for this entire project, is hand weaving. All other parts are also made by hand. I used an easy setup, to experiment further with different strands of all sorts of material that I found around me. The three sliders, I ended up with, are all prototypes. I used natural, plant-based materials for the straps, including raffia, casuarina pines and thin grass. The combination with organic cotton, bead embellishments and a foam board complete the models. The focus is on the visual uniqueness, the variety of the slider straps and the interlacing techniques. All slider bands are original, unique and made of various plant fibers, easily found in nature. This aims to highlight and support the sustainability aspects of my Natural Sliders series. The complete shoe, including all its components, should eventually become biodegradable. With my prototypes, I want to support and promote all relevant industry efforts to start producing shoes in a sustainable way, using only environment-friendly and biodegradable materials.

university of new south wales australia ⎜ exchange semester ⎜ jewellery & textile

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