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Following the task to present “chairs” in both a documentary and staged way, the idea was to create a fashion catalogue with a chair as the main accessory. Echoing our busy mobile life style, the chair simultaneously serves as a bag, a suitcase and a place to rest. The German word “Faulheit” means “laziness”. The chair, portrayed as a back bag in a fashion catalogue, is sprayed with silver paint and decorated with glued-on silver studded stars. Shoulder straps and handle are added to highlight the characteristics of a backpack. The model holds the “chair-bag” naturally and persuasively. Similarly, for the “suitcase-chair”, there are the features of a suitcase fused to the chair: wheels, inner buckles and a handle. Books in the backpack and clothes in the suitcase made the images more realistic.


CHAIRS converted into BACKPACKS & suitcases.

faulheit, photography, 2016

WOMEN'S SEX TOYS will be a NEW TREND in the near FUTURE.

lusthetics, future trend magazine, 2018

Recently, there have been more posts, likes and shares on social media of women with their polished and elegant sex toys than with their “chai lattes”. The trend to flaunt female desires openly and positively is rapidly changing the look and style of the sex industry. Lusthetics’ Indulgence is a new line of high quality sex artefacts that are simplistic in design, satisfying in touch and engaging in looks. The different textures and color combinations make the brand unique. The shiny silver pleasure points give the toy an aesthetically pleasing appearance of high value. Indulgence promotes an affordable expensive look and a classy-chic style. The concept is to serve all the senses, from physical pleasures to aesthetical appreciation.


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