from seeds to micro-greens to wearable garments

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The question of how the quality of life can be maintained in an ever more densely populated city is an urgent one. What will a livable city look like tomorrow? I developed Growing Garments to promote my message for a greener lifestyle and a greener city. The clothes promote awareness and convey the sociopolitical message of bringing us closer to nature - and nature closer to us - in a mindful and sustainable way. From the greenery in the countryside, nature shall come back through parks, gardens, climb the walls of buildings, enter our living rooms and end up very close to us. Growing Garments aspires to be part of the living textiles micro-trend within the megatrend of sustainability. I use the concept of clothes as a second skin, which is the best possible form of depicting nature on the human body. It should make the viewer think, reflect and dream. An event was staged at the Stadtgärtnerei Zürich in the form of a performance where the guests were able to experience and interact with my living wearables. Grün Stadt Zürich wants to use my resulting photos in campaigns to support and promote their own vision of a greener city.

zurich university of the arts ⎜ bachelor of design ⎜ trends & identity ⎜ growing garments ⎜ 2019

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