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adding style to SECOND-HAND clothes and bring them onto the RUNWAY.

porté, event & fashion show, 2018 

Fashion Show ZHdK FS0067.jpg

fashion show created with romina häner and gioanna michel ⎜photography by nicolas burri 

porté impressions film

Fashion Show ZHdK FS0016.jpg
Fashion Show ZHdK FS0110.jpg
Fashion Show ZHdK FS0113.jpg

Porté was a short-lived, pop-up fashion label, created for the Event Management module. The conversion of cheap second-hand clothes into well styled designer outfits created the illusion of a legit brand. The real labels were stitched out of the clothes and Porté labels were sewn in. Highlight was the public fashion show in a well-known Zurich event location - Kraftwerk. Another highlight was that our label was also sponsored by a hair and make-up company - Boa Hair. The creation of a dedicated website, use of conventional advertising, the presence on social media and the search for sponsors were additional aspects of the project. The outfits were displayed in a showroom after the show and were sold to the audience after at the original price ranging from 5 - 15 CHF. 



RHYTHM and beat MOVE the foils to create the ILLUSION of a REFLECTION in the water.

submerged, installation, 2016

installation & video created with deborah rhyner

Submerged is an installation that uses light sound and projections. A triangular frame floats three meters high in space and iridescent foils hand from each side. The interaction between light and reflection is projected into the room. A fan moves the foils and, consequently, the colored reflections on the wall also start to move. This creates a calming atmosphere and the impression of sunlight shimmering on a water surface. With the aesthetics of water in mind, we edited and combined videos that take up the theme. In the middle of the triangular volume, there is a semi-transparent piece of tulle where the video is projected on. We adapted the brightness of the light impulses to the selected music and adjusted the movements in the video to the rhythm of the music. Ultimately, “Submerged” is a moving and emotive installation in which all the individual parts are combined. It is an interactive installation: you can walk around it and it opens up new perspectives from every angle. You are allowed to touch the fabric and thus, the viewer changes the game of reflections, too. 


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