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jewellery ⎜ cocoon pendants ⎜ 2018


Among other phenomena, migration depicts an evolution from one status to another; like that of caterpillars advancing into the next version of themselves by first becoming cocoons and then butterflies. With my work, I want to capture the moment in time when the life of the caterpillar is hidden in that mysterious process of change and transformation. The cocoon symbolizes the moment when the caterpillar becomes its own “time machine” and a very raw form of migration takes its course. By using soft wax, I was able to craft more abstract versions of cocoons with the rotated structure. The series of three cocoons pendants, hanging from silk thread chains, symbolizes the growth during the caterpillar’s migration phase – from a smaller to a bigger version of itself. The two additional series of three cocoon pendants are made of brass and phosphor bronze; again in three different sizes and hanging from matching color silk thread. These two colors match best the cocoons that I have observed in nature and their half-polished surface presents a more prominent aesthetic texture. By keeping the string simple, thin and made of natural silk, I am able to showcase the pendants better than compared to using a thicker and heavier metal chain. In addition, the silk thread connects my jewelry story back to silk cocoons, made by silkworms.

university of new south wales australia ⎜ exchange semester ⎜ jewellery & textile

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