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textile handbag ⎜ 2017

The concept for my project “Sentuh” is the result of a lot of experimentation with different materials and techniques. As a result, I discovered a textile material made of a combination of wood and fabric. The small, organically shaped pieces of wood that are fused to a fabric create a structure that is both flexible and firm. I wanted to make a high-quality bag with a simple cut using this new textile material. With the help of the laser cutter, two different and contrasting shapes emerged: A positive form (with wood) and a negative one from the waste, the remaining frame. In my work, I wanted to emphasize the “textile” and not the “decorative” aspect. I wanted both forms to continue having the same effect as pure textile fabric. That is why I covered the wooden parts with imitation leather and a kind of camouflage effect resulted. The high quality of the bag is also the results of the combination of imitation leather and genuine leather. The end product will be visually appealing to customers and fascinate them with the structure of the different materials.

zurich university of design ⎜ bachelor of design ⎜ trends & identity

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