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Inspired by the contrasting term micro-megas, I researched small, natural and organic forms as found in fungi, bacteria and plants. Lichen, a hybrid of different organisms (fungus and alga), became the inspiration for my pin. Three-layered, organic forms, carved out of 1 mm brass metal sheets, got shaped and textured by hand. Together with lace fabrics, the material was pressed through the roller-mill to achieve a natural look. By forming each leaf separately, the lichen became more and more alive. Combined by threading and soldering brass wire through the three metal pieces, a new and unique object was created. The process caused the heat to discolor the metal and this turned out to be the magic touch needed to result in the organic and natural look of my lichen pin. The design, discoloration and texture of the pin shall grow on the wearer as a fungal micro-body jewel. The slightly rougher and thicker paper, used for my artist card, compliments the natural look of the lichen pin in an elegant way. The photos show the product in a natural setting, using the language of the lichen pin as the origin of my inspiration.


jewellery ⎜ stick pin ⎜ 2018

university of new south wales australia ⎜ exchange semester ⎜ jewellery & textile

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